About Us

Our Story

After working more than 50 years cumulatively in the stock market, RVER Portfolio Co-managers Tony Tagliapietra and Rob Haugen grew tired of struggling to find good public market portfolios to invest in for their large family office.

So they created their own.

Combining their financial expertise with the drive to create something better, they made RVER. The team continues to work hard to grow RVER into the world’s preeminent alpha-generating1 ETF, serving individual investors, family offices, and institutions around the world.

Our Approach

Why settle for the middle? With RVER, we aim to win.

We start by eliminating legacy index stocks that we believe are unlikely to outperform the market due to low growth, high valuation compared to their growth potential, or bad balance sheets.

Next, we comb through the remaining list of stocks that are outgrowing inflation and carry a multiple on earnings well below where we think appropriate. Finally, we eliminate those we deem to have earnings risk and those whose current ownership makes them less likely to re-rate higher.

In the end, we are left with what we feel are the very best stocks to build the RVER portfolio.


Tony Tagliapietra

Tony Tagliapietra


Rob Haugen

Rob Haugen